Labyrinth Table

Materials: Bronze, Glass

Designed in 12/2016...Work in Progress, Coming Soon...



Riposo Varianten

Materials: Alcantara, Stainless Steel / Flexible Wood, Stainless Steel

Designed in 07/2016...Work in Progress, Coming Soon...



Piacere Papermobile

Materials: Construction of 3 mm flexible Wood, Skin: Colored Paper, Underneath: Stainless Steel

Exhibition at Lendfers id Interiordesign with Paper Furnitures...

Designed in 02/2002... verkauft



Piacere New Version

Materials: Cherrywood, Stainless Steel

Designed in 07/2007



Due Papermobile

Materials: Construction of 3mm flexible Wood, Skin: Paper

Illustration on the right: Excerpt from the md interior design architektur annual edition 1999/2000

Designed in 06/1999...unique piece sold




Tutto il Giorno

Materials: Light Cherrywood, Stainless Steel

Designed in 05/2001


Sideboard Wave

Sideboard with integrated light,  Materials: MDF Wood with Whitelack

Designed in 07/2008...Unikat sold



Multifunctional Seat Area

Multifunctional Seat Area  Materials: MDF Wood with Whitelack

Designed in 2010..Unikat / Designed and realised together with fm design sold



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