sascha bayer


1973  born on 26 september at aachen
1996  studied at the aachen university of applied sciences for design and creation
2001  degree as a designer in the field of interior and object design.lives and                  works at aachen.


2017  work as a freelance artist at the aha atelierhaus aachen e.v.


2018  member / artist of the bbk aachen / euregio e.v.


solo exhibition


2022  Glashalle Goerg & Goerg Annastraße Aachen 

2018  „von der fläche in den raum“ paintings, objects and sculptures, bbk aachen
          euregio e.v. galerie, de 

selected group exhibition


2022 Austausch mit Gemeinschaft Krefelder Künstler

         Statements in Blau, Gelb, Rot und Weiss, Galerie SehrKoblenz

         Galerie Art(ist)in        

2021 Hard Facts, Atelierhaus Aachen e.V. 04.12.- 23.01.2022

         Grenzkunstroute021-fragil am KuKuK Grenzübergang Köpfchen Aachen

         ( DE ) / Raeren ( BE ) 06.06. -  31.10.2021
         Reconnected“ in GK Galerie Solingen 29.08. - 19.09.2021
         "Die Farbe Grün" Kulturwerk Aachen 30.08. - 26.09.2021
         "Backstage" 24. Aachener Kunstroute 25./26.09.2021

2020  „hard facts” 20.11. - 20.12.2020, aha atelierhaus aachen e.v. , de 
          „connected” at solingen 15.11. - 13.12.2020, de
          23. aachener kunstroute 26./27 september 2020, aha atelierhaus aachen              e.v., de  
          application for the luxembourg art prize 2020 , lu               
„adahan expedition” in the grevy art space at cologne, de
          exchange between cologne and istanbul, with objects and sculptures, de
          exhibition of the 22nd aachener kunstroute at the aha atelierhaus aachen              e.v., de 
          „das kleine rote quadrat” in the grevy art space at cologne, de         

2018  work show during the 21st aachener kunstroute, atelierhaus aachen e.v.,              de 
          bbk aachen / euregio e.v. / aachener kunstroute, nadelfabrik aachen, de
          „6 richtige” galerie hexagone aachen, de
          „neue positionen“ and „open studios“, aha atelierhaus aachen e.v., de
          exhibition at quellpunkt aachen with abstract paintings, de
          annual exhibition bbk aachen, kulturwerk aachen / aachen arkaden, de

2017  „dialoge” in the galerie rolf hartung at cologne, de
          „crossmas” in the kunstmüllerei düsseldorf ,de
          „neu x 7” at the aha atelierhaus aachen e.v., de
          „offene ateliers” at the 20th aachener kunstroute, aha atelierhaus aachen              e.v. , de
          „summerexhibition” galerie hexagone aachen, de
          „köln süd offen” at in red with paintings & reliefs, de 
          „seeblick und meereslust” art salon q3 at sassnitz on rügen, de 

2016  „maritime welten / windschläger art” art exhibition offenburg, de
2006  exhibition „italia” with paintings, galerie il quadro, aachen, de
2005  exhibition aula carolina aachen  with paintings, lightsculptures and                        fashionshow, de
2004  „art the hague” at the hague, galerie il quadro, aachen, nl
2000  „charlemagne” at the ludwig forum for international art, aachen, de


design- and artprojects


2019  design and construction of a three-part design children‘s furniture
          for georg hilfrich, speech therapy aachen
          design and creation of 12 pop art paintings in oil for georg hlfrich, 
          speech therapy aachen.

2018  redesign of an office floor of a commercial building for the aixontec aachen                

2016  draft and 3d design of light objects, light sculptures on the computer,                    planned for 3d printing.
2015  draft and planning of designer furniture and interior furnitures for private              houses 
to       and medical practices, e.g. design and construction of a multifunctional                  design stairs with full extension.
          design and construction of various design functional furniture for individual 

from  living areas.
2002  drafting design concepts for medical practices.
2007  employment as a graduate designer at fair connection, eupen belgium 
          exhibition   design, spa, wellness.

2002  employment as a qualified designer at proindustria, office for industrial                  design at wiehl.
2001  freelancer at the michlewski architecture office, drafting trade fair stand                concepts 
          for walbert and schmitz, advertising and stand construction at aachen
„galleria hamburg” with paper furniture “due”, de
          „norway designs”furniture fair oslo with paper furniture “due”, no
          „designer saturday” düsseldorf with braided light sculpture “stivali”, de
          „cologne passages” with braided light sculpture “stivali”, de

1999  „tendence” furniture fair frankfurt with “due” paper furniture, de
          „salone del mobile”  furniture fair milano, Italy with paper furniture “due”, it


selected artprojects with children


2020  „kreativ safari” artproject with children, photography and mixed media
2019  „who am i?” art project of the lag nrw kunst und medien with children and            young people from the kornelimünster youth center „indahouse“
         „art in motion” art project of the lag nrw kunst und medien with children                and young   people from the youth center ot talstraße, next to the aha                  atelierhaus aachen e.v.
          „reset” art project at the european school herzogenrath with children and 
          young people.
          “lufo air festival” wire - sculpture - workshop with children at ludwig forum            aachen.

2018  independent activity as art lecturer at the bleiberger fabrik aachen,                      participation in various art projects with children and young people.
2017  „stars of the suburbs” is a 3d art project with young refugees at the vhs                aachen.

professional skills as a designer
specialized in rhinoceros 5.0 3d-modeling.
visualizations in flamingo Nxt 5.0.
graphical realization with photoshop, illustrator and indesign
strong in conceptual idea finding, realization and presentation techniques.
basic knowledge in open office.i
Incas training in cinema 4d.
artistic skills
abstract and photorealistic painting in oil and acrylic.
special craftsmanship skills by the creation of sculptures,
ironwire- and concrete reliefs, paperreliefs and art- objects in various materials.
ironwire- and concrete sculptures, papersculptures.
special craft skills in the production of design models and furniture /prototyping
language and personality
german as mother language, english fluent and basic knowledge in italian.
i am a creative, very friendly and sociable person,
highly motivated, determined and reliable.
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