I draw diverse sculptures, objects and reliefs for your living and living area, which are especially high quality and worked with great attention to detail. I would also like to be inspired by your wishes and ideas regarding form and color to create the perfect fit for you. Or is there already something that appeals to you? A beautifully designed object, as well as a seeming sculpture, as well as a wall relief in the room has its own positive effect, creates a harmonious atmosphere, leaves a feeling of joy and well-being when looking at it...


Fineliner on Paper / The Way 06/2017 / Design sketch for a sculpture

abstract paintings

The abstraction in a painting gives us the freedom to penetrate into new, undiscovered worlds. It fires our imagination and lets us perceive and explore new levels. We see with different eyes, new horizons open up, appear in intense colors that radiate their own fascination and attraction. We see the macrocosm as an overall composition of the merging of colors and forms and at the same time the microcosm in the small, in interesting, exciting details...Fascinating and impressive is a work of art, if you can discover something new again and again by repeated viewing. One wants to immerse oneself in it and stay there...

fotorealistic paintings

Nothing is more fascinating, exciting and beautiful than to perceive the incredible variety in creation, all the small and big miracles that happen in us humans, the animals and in nature. Nature shines in so many different colors and forms, light and shadow enliven it. Also we humans and the animals appear in different colors and forms. In our facial features life is marked, in our eyes the light and the shine of our soul is reflected...The great art is to perceive snapshots, sequences of these wonders, to internalize them and to capture them in a natural and lively way...A work is exciting when you get the feeling of being part of the scene you are portraying. One wants to immerse oneself in it and stay there...


multifunctional designtable for children, Logopädie Georg Hilfrich

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