"Kreativ Safari" artproject with children at the Depot Talstraße

Peer´s Tiger / Acrylic on Wood

Cosmic Energy by Sophia  / Acrylic on Wood

Children at work / Kreativ Safari, Depot Talstraße Aachen

Leonie´s Acrobatic / Acrylic with Gold on Wood

Klara´s Acrobatic / Photography and Acrylic on Wood

Klara´s Angel / Photography and Acrylic

Helene´s Madonna / Photography and Acrylic on Wood



"Who am i" artproject with children at Indahouse 

"Who am i" artproject with children in cooperation between indahouse and LAG Kunst und Medien



"Art in motion" artproject with children at the Ot Talstraße

Sophias Colorful World / Little Fishs by Sophia  / Acrylic on Wood

Emirs Heart Ironwire with Concrete, Silk Paper and Acrylic

Leon´s Burning Man / Object Concrete, Ironwire and Acrylic

Mia´s Cake / Object / Ironwire, Concrete, Silkpaper and Acrylic

Laura´s Heart / Object / Ironwire, Concrete and Acrylic

Luna´s Heart / Object / Ironwire, Wood and Acrylic

Cool Movement by Paul / Ironwire, Wood and  Pen

Leonie´s Universe  / Love by Leonie  / Acrylic on Canvas

"The Gambling Man"artproject with children during the 577. Working Week at Bleiberger Fabrik Aachen

Art-Projekt "The gambling Man"( Der spielende Mensch )  22.10. - 26.10.2018

The Children work with ironwire on a piece of wood as Base, later we take off the figures and objects and pour them into beton. 


The Children create their artpieces with so much motivation, creativity and happiness, so at the End was a great exhibition with their parents and the team of Bleiberger Fabrik Aachen.


3D Paperart-Project with Children VHS Aachen

3D-Paperart-Projekt 16.07. - 20.07.2018

The Children create 3D-Pictures with Paper and Acrylcolor, Two Girlfriends made this two Elephants.


3D-Paperart-Projekt 16.07. - 20.07.2018

The Children create also 3D-Objects with ironwire and paper, here is one fresh piece of Melon.



3D Artproject with Children OT Talstr. Aachen

3D-Art-Projekt 08.06.2018 - 13.07.2018

The Children create Animals and Objects with Ironwire and Transparentpaper.




Ausstellung meines 3D Kunstkurses / Abschlussfeier von "Stars of the Suburbs"  


In the context of Stars of the Suburbs I worked with young refugees from Africa, Syria and Afghanistan. They modelled three-dimensional works from paper and binding wire and then designed them in color. It was really an impressive experience to get to know the young people and their different cultures. The experience as well as the connection to their homeland was also very expressive in their works.


Abschlussfeier von "Stars of the Suburbs" in der VHS Aachen mit Ausstellung ausgesuchter Werke meines 3D Kunstkurses 17.07. - 04.08.2017


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